You cannot grow up in India without knowing of suffering. Poverty is sown into the fabric of our country. It is vast and does not discriminate. It surrounds us from the beggars on the street to the women and men who take care of our children, clean our houses and…

How The British Capitalised On Caste


A Maxim Gun Detachment, British Colonial India, 1898

British occupation in India began in approximately 1757 under the East India Company, with the British Crown officially taking over a century later in 1858. While the United States reflects settler colonialism, British Raj in India was exploitation colonialism.

The British Crown had a single goal — exploiting the people…

The Oldest Living System of Discrimination

Caste is the oldest living system of discrimination in the world dating back around 3000 years. It was historically practiced only in specific regions with varying degrees of mobility. Manusmriti, an ancient text, documents it as a hierarchical system of dividing and controlling labour.

Art From Dalit Shakti Kendra

The five levels of caste included…

Art by PaulaLoomisArt

“Broken windows is a criminologist theory which asserts that visible signs of crime and civil disorder, such as a broken window, snowball into an urban environment that encourages more serious crime… in other words, one broken window will lead to another broken window, and another, until there are a thousand…

Malini Srikrishna

Harvard Divinity Scholar in Spiritual Leadership, Entrepreneurship & Liberation Studies. Chief People Officer of Milan Global.

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